One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
- Frank Smith

Story & mission
Natalia Guzik founded Follow Me to English school in 2002. Highly professional teachers and teacher trainers help you here to start speaking and improving your and your chuldren's English, and for teachers to develop profesionally and learn new techniques and methonds in language teaching. Our mission is to create enabling environment to identify everyone's potential in language learning, get acquainted with different types of practices and, most importantly, enjoy your experience of learning English.
Why we are different
Our family school developed a special approach to help our learenrs enjoy their language journey in unique atmosphere and develop their skills in most efficient ways.
Group Classes
Our school work in groups. There are 7to15 pupils in a class. So there are plenty of opportunity to practise English in lessons still every learner gets individual attention.
Practice beyond the classroom
Homework is what our learners really love doing. Making voice and video recordings, talking in group chats and creating own stories in English these are types of homework our learners get at our school.
Highly Qualified Teachers
CELTA and DELTA qualified teachers do their best to help our learners successed in English learning. We share our considerable experience and expertise in the field of English learning and teaching with both our learners and teachers from all over the world by presenting at international conferences and holding professional development workshops.
Learn how to learn
As long as we provide lots of language practice in every class and for homework. We equip our learners with tools that help them become independant language learner and be responsible for own learning. At our lessons we show how to structure work with the language and how to achieve the best result.
Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things
Flora Lewis
School life
Programme and directions
Our school offers classes in General English and Exam Preparation to children, teenagers, young adults and adults, and proffessional development workshops and webinars for English teachers.
Interaction is key to progress
7–12 learners in a group. This system provides lots of language practice.
More communication in our cozy kitchen
Our teachers
Our teachers are high-qualified professionals. We develop our own approach to every group and to every learner.
Natalia Guzik
FOUNDER of Follow Me to English
English Teacher, Teacher Trainer
Alexandra Guzik
English Teacher, teacher Trainer
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We take part in many regional events for teachers, arrange celebrations and other events inside our school for teachers and learners, have a newsletter "Special guest" to get the latests news.
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Do you have any questions?
There is list of Frequently Asked Questions for studnents and their parents about admission, timetable of classes, facilities and other significant questions
How to admit the School?
Parents and future pupil should phone us and come to the interview.
How often and what time are the classes?
It depends on many factors. So the best way to find out the details is to contact us. Fill in the form below, we'll get in touch at the time suitable for you.
Can my 5 years old son admit the school?
Yes, he can. According to our experience the best age to take up a new language is at the age 4.
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